Legal Marriage

Ceremonies.Scot celebrants are Humanist Celebrants and members of Humanity Hall.


Marriage ceremonies must include:


a declaration by the parties, in the presence of each other, the celebrant and two witnesses, that they accept each other in marriage; and

a declaration by the celebrant, after the foregoing declaration, that the parties are then married.


We require approval from the Registrar General's Office to conduct (solemnise) a marriage.  The prospective couple must notify the local registry office of their intention to marry by each completing an M10 form and returning it to the Registry Office local to the ceremony venue. The current fee payable to the registrar is £70. For more details see our information page.


Neither Ceremonies.Scot, nor Humanity Hall levy a fee to solemnise a marriage.  Humanity Hall will conduct a Ceremony at no cost by arrangement. The only fee for a Hall Ceremony is the £70 payable to the Registrar.



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