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When we create a ceremony for our lovely couples we ask them for some background information about themselves.  Below is what the team had to say about themselves!

Our Team


Bryan Begg

Hi I am Bryan, I was born in Aberdeen a few years ago, but now live in rural Aberdeenshire.


As well as conducting ceremonies I help manage Ceremonies.Scot - ensuring all information arrives on time so sorry it’s my fault if anything goes astray!


I believe life is for living so try to make the best of things.  I enjoy meeting people and love dressing up.  I played rugby until everyone around me became bigger, faster and more talented!


I am not a morning person and the day doesn’t begin until after an espresso.  I am tolerant of most things but I really don’t like flies - sorry flies I know you try your best and I appreciate many of you are quite beautiful, but just far too much germs!


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Louise McAllister

Hello, I am Louise McAllister.  I am originally from Northern Ireland and have been living in Scotland for the past twenty-plus years or so, moving from Aviemore to Glasgow to Inverness and finally to Aberdeenshire!


In previous incarnations I have been a retail manager and a college lecturer; teaching English as a second language and drama with supported students and I am now a partner with Ceremonies.Scot. 


I’m a busy mum of two and an even busier celebrant - I love the excitement of wedding days; all the forward planning and last minute tweaks that make it so special and, of course, the thrill of the day itself!


I like random acts of kindness, Ruby Shoes and dancing, travel and snowboarding, opera, theatre and live music in general.  Likewise, having my house full of family and friends with lots of food and conversation brings me the greatest of joys.

I dislike bias, meanness and inequality for any reason.  Also marshmallows – toasted or otherwise, I just don’t get them! Bleuch!


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Jill Law

I am Jill Law or ‘J’Law’ in character, age 30 plus shipping and handling!

I’m a proud Scot - an equal cocktail of my mum, sophistication personified and my late beloved dad, eccentric and unashamed (minus the sideburns)! I’m mum to teenage dream Cooper.


I’ve a pretty colourful career history:- A horse lover in my younger years I attained a BSc in Agriculture at Aberdeen Uni in the hopes of becoming a stud farmer...

I worked as a researcher at Granada TV...

I co-owned and managed a children’s nursery for 20 years...

I’ve worked in event planning...

I compère at ladies’ lifestyle, wedding and children’s events and exhibitions...

I factor several properties...

I’m looking to publish my first children’s book...

A ‘Jill’ of all trades!

And now I’ve found my dream job!

‘if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!’


I’m a self confessed mussels addict with a penchant for Calypso Coffees and chocolate to unwind. ‘Desserts’ is ‘stressed’ backwards after all!

I’m a quintessential girlie girl! I LOVE a theme - just ask my long suffering girl squad!

My guilty pleasures are Kenny Rogers music and Bond films. I’m a closet word nerd who does EVERYTHING in heels and a hopeless romantic!

...and I LOVE weddings!!!!


I’m allergic to ironing and parking.

I don’t do ‘straight cheese’. It IS a thing!

Least favourite response - ‘Out of Stock’


Gluten doesn’t like me! #bloat


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Shane George

I am Shane, I’ve lived in Huntly since early 2011, returning to Aberdeenshire after several years in the south east of England. I have lived with my partner Brian for over twenty years and we have two rescue dogs, a prima donna Jack Russell called Jessie and Casper, the most loveable Staffie anyone could wish to meet, they take up most of my free time. 


To pay the bills I’m airline cabin crew. Around the house, I love cooking and entertaining and I’m never happier than when the house is full of friends and family. Gardening interests me too but, more as a pottering hobby than something serious enough to produce anything of any use. Always dependent upon when dog duties give me the time to potter. 


Luckily, given my job, I enjoy travel and experiencing new cities and cultures. As hinted at above, I love socialising and entertaining, especially with a good glass of red wine on the go and something smelling good in the oven. 


I’m a pretty positive person and tend to see the good side of things in general however unfairness and inequality are things I most certainly do not like to find in others, along with general rudeness or intolerance. Oh I forgot sprouts, I dislike sprouts!


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Kathleen Frew

Hi, I’m Kathleen Frew and I live in beautiful Ayrshire.


Before becoming a celebrant I was a Nurse Manager of a Surgical Unit for many years.  Having had a busy family/work life for the forty years I was nursing, I wasn’t ready to put my feet up just yet, and so here I am - becoming a celebrant has brought a totally new dimension to my life and my only regret is that I waited so long to make the change.


I have two grown up children who flew the nest years ago and, fortunately, they both live nearby.  I’m also Gran to my beautiful granddaughter who is another reason I don’t have time to get weary very often which is just wonderful.


When I do get time to myself, I like to catch up with friends, whether it’s just a nice long walk or a long lunch that sometimes turns into dinner!


I also enjoy concerts and the theatre especially musicals, and have even been known to get on stage in ridiculous outfits, performing in our local panto which is great fun.  Singing has always been something I love to do too and I have been involved in various singing groups over the years, performing in concerts or just singing for pleasure; it’s a great way to relax after a busy day!


I enjoy cooking and entertaining too - nearly as much as being cooked for and entertained.


I don’t dislike many things enough to make an issue over them really, apart from injustice, laziness,  bad manners, wishy washy coffee and spiders - definitely spiders.  (That’s a few more things than I thought!)


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Karen Walker

Hi, I’m Karen and I live on the beautiful west coast of Ayrshire.


I’m a busy mum to two teenage daughters and, when I’m not chief cook, dish washer or taxi driver, I love nothing better than spending a few hours exploring the countryside on my bike or walking with my wee dog.


Don’t be fooled into thinking I’m fit though as I enjoy cooking and also eating my creations and I have been known to enjoy a wee glass of something in the evening while munching on a bag of crisps.


I’m a sociable person and stomped the boards of panto with my local community group for a few years … oh yes I did! (Sorry!)


Things I dislike?  Well, there are a few but rudeness and litter are up there alongside animal cruelty.


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